How to make a rent payment



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    Jacob Thomason

    Hey Robert, I was able to check your account and it doesn't look like you've been billed rent for December yet.  The system isn't going to send you an email because it doesn't show anything as being billed/due.  You need to reach out to your property manager to make sure they have their billing setup properly.  If they're having issues, they can contact our support team at, for assistance.

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    Robert Hall

    Until this past October, I had been getting email notices before and after the rent payment was automatically withdrawn from my account.  I've had auto-pay for about four years.  In October autopay just stopped--a glitch the manager was told.  So I reactivated autopay but the email notices have stopped.  This frustrates me enough to weigh whether or not I should get off Rent Post.  How can the email notices be resumed?

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