Can I send a mass message to all my tenants?



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    Match Made

    For this feature, when the email is sent to multiple persons, it is in TO or BCC format for all the tenants receiving it? 

    Here's what I'm getting at... This month I have 60+ delinquent tenants. In Florida, you must serve a 3-day notice to each that is delinquent. Thus I have to populate a raunchy PDF file and then save-as and sent separately to each tenant, since the delinquent amounts and names / addresses are different.

    (See p. 6 "FORM 57" of this pdf for what I'm talking about:

    Per FL law, you can add only past due rent totals, not deposit or late fees.

    If RentPost makes a feature where I can provide the 3-day notice body text, but RentPost ads at the header the Tenant Name and Property Address and then facilitates emailing each independently BCC style (where an email exists for the tenant), then we'd be in business.

    Also if RP would make a PDF of all tenants on that 3-day notice recipient list we can print and hand deliver  or mail as preferred / necessary, that would be optimal!

    For this, I envision something like the sketch in this attachment. See the details!



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    Jacob Thomason

    Responded to your posting on the feature requests board.  Thanks again for putting this together!

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