How to allow tenants to pay bi-weekly?


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    Jacob Thomason

    Hey Kelcy, we're going to have a more automated way of handling different recurring schedules very soon.  It's almost complete.  However, in the meantime, you can always queue up a bunch of bi-weekly charges on the account with the bill date and due date post-dated.  These won't show as billed and or due until those respective dates.  It will just add the future receivables.

    I wouldn't add multiple tenants, I'd do it like above, OR, add the full amount of the rent, have it recur monthly, and allow the tenants to submit 2 payments (partial payments).  The only downside here is that you wouldn't get the late rent tracking, if you needed it for whatever reason.

    Hope that helps.  When we have the custom recurring charges available, you'll be able to add bi-weekly receivable charges to the system and this will work exactly as you expect.  Thanks!

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