Delinquent Tenants - Get to know them!




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    Regina Abram

    I think it is good that we can see our tenants that still owe a balance, but it also makes it hard to know if your monthly tenants are current if you always have a delinquency balance because of past tenants. Is there some location that they can be moved to, so that this doesn't effect monthly balances, so we as renters know exactly how many delinquencies there really are?

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    Jacob Thomason

    Hey Regina, thanks for the comments.  Do you have a lot of moved-out tenants that you would allow to remain in a delinquent status?  And also need them to remain in this status?  I'm thinking maybe your eviction tenants as an option.  But, aside from this, are there others, and if so, are they less important than the current ones that are delinquent from a notice standpoint?

    Also, I should note, on the Units & Tenants tab, on the right column, you have the breakdown from current tenants and moved-out tenants.

    Let me know your thoughts on this, thanks.

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    Avantage Property Management

    Hi ! I am new and trying Rentpost for our management Company. On a 30 days trial.

    Is there an option to send reminder notice or 3 days notice to delinquent tenants ? Or an email to management for a late tenant ? 

    Any automation in that sense, to keep track on who's late and being able to automatically contact them, would be great ! 

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    Jacob Thomason

    Hey Advantage!  Yes, tenants are already notified when rent is coming due, and then again when they're late, and then again when they're charged a late fee by the system.  Additionally, you can send them a message within the system.  The delinquency report also provides the necessary contact details for each of your tenants if you need to reach out to them directly.

    As for notices to management, there isn't an email notice to management currently.  However, this has been requested and planned to be added as an option.  Many management companies won't want the additional emails since they'll be in their RentPost account and able to pull up their delinquent tenants there.  You will also see a notice on your "heads-up display" on your home tab when first logging into the account.

    Hope that helps!

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